I N T E R I O R     D E S I G N    and    A R C H I T E C T U R E

Atelier Singer-Dicker.   Montessori kindergarten in Goethehof, the "Red Vienna" district, 1932-33
Axonometric plan of the garderobe,
meeting and sleeping room
Pencil, chalk, tempera on cardboard
35,3 x 30,5
Bauhaus Archive, Berlin
Axonometric plan of playing room
Pencil, chalk, tempera on cardboard
35 x 30
Bauhaus Archive, Berlin

Sketch of a towel hook


Plan of the area
Pages from the
presentation album,
and edited by
Hedy Schwarz,

Dining room

Garderobe, meeting
and sleeping room

Ground plan
of the kindergarten

In the garderobe/sleeping room

Georg Eisler,
later - Austrian painter,
washes dishes
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