S H O R T     B I O G R A P H Y

BERLIN-VIENNA 1924 - 1934

1923 Friedl Dicker and Franz Singer established The Workshops for Visual Arts (Werkstraetten Bildender Kunst) in Berlin-Freidenau. They designed textile, lace, jewelry, books on customer's individual request.
1924 Friedl's work for the Workshops was awarded an honorary diploma at the Second German Lace Fair in Berlin.
The same year Friedl returned to Vienna, and founded an atelier with her Bauhaus friend Anny Moller (Wottitz).
1925 Friedl Dicker opened a new atelier in Vienna together with Martha Doeberl. They designed exquisite textiles, embroidery, tapestries, leather handbags, experimented with new techniques and materials.
1926 The Workshops For Visual Arts in Berlin were closed.

Friedl, 1920s

Logo of the Workshops

Anny Wottitz
about 1920

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